What is Restorative Exercise TM? It is a movement system that:

  • Is scientifically based through geometry, physics and engineering to restore the skeletal system to its optimal alignment.
  • Helps to restore natural health to your body.
  • As your skeletal system realigns, other systems in your body - cardiovascular, digestive, muscular, neurological and lymph begin to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • Brings greater blood flow to your entire body and 600+ muscles resulting in increased cellular regeneration, cardiovascular health and waste removal.
  • Aligns the skeletal system, bringing muscles to the correct length and position for increased muscle force and reduced friction in the joints.
  • Encourages whole-body movement throughout the day for increased health and vitality and reduces the occurence of disease.
  • Helps to activate 100% of the muscles in the body rather than the typical 25% we currently use.
  • Brings awareness to areas in your body that are holding tension and gives you exercise and release to help restore ease in those areas.
  • Helps you to identify alignment points in your body resulting in greater body awareness and function.

Who developed this Whole Body Alignment Program?:

  • A scientist, Katy Bowman, M.S. developed this program. Katy is an engineer and master’s level Biomechanist.

How can I learn more about this health-promoting program?

  • Take a Restorative Exercise TM class from a Restorative Exercise Specialist TM. Classes will be offered soon at Suzdio.
  • Consider owning DVD’s from the Aligned and Well Program. These DVD’s address common health issues.
  • Visit Katy Bowman’s website: http//
  • Read Katy Bowman’s book: Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet